ASSA ABLOY Architectural hardware for Doors

ABLOY products are the culmination of continuous R & D,testing and our ability to understand and solve customers’ security related issues. Our continuing mission is to help people feel safer and more secure, without compromising the freedom in their daily lives.

ABLOY products are chosen worldwide for sensitive applications in the most exposed locations continually withstanding the harshest of elements in the most extreme of climates both on land and at sea. They are used extensively within high risk,high value markets as well as infrastructure, government and defence end users who demand the ultimate in high security.

ABLOY lock cases are constructed to meet the high requirements set by local authorities regarding forced entry and fire-ratings.

The exterior and interior handle range includes both classical handles and handles suited to modern design. ABLOY door handles are made from brass, stainless steel, aluminium and zinc, depending the usage. ABLOY door handles are available for Scandinavian and Euro profile DIN range.

The most important standards with escape routes are EN179 and EN1125. These strict standards set the base requirements to our product’s opening and closing force, corrosion- and wear resistance and fire approval.

The CE marked products are always tested to meet a specific application. The CE marking certifies that the product conforms to this standard to be used in a specific environment, it ensures the safety and durability of the product.