BS EN 1634 PART 1:2000

BS EN 1634 Is the European Fire Safety Standard for determining the fire resistance of door and shutter assemblies, including door hardware.


CE Marking is certification to the highest levels of attestation required by the Construction Products Directive. The CE Mark indicates that the product has been successfully 3rd Party performance / fire tested and that the producing factory has passed stringent Factory Production Control audits,carried out by a UKAS notified certification body.


Certifire is an independent third party scheme providing high quality, voluntary, product conformity for the passive fire sector. The requirements are based on those of CE marking, but whereas the CE mark reflects compliance with minimum regulatory requirements. Certifire is product certification at a higher level. Additional requirements are ISO9001:2000 certification, independent audit testing and a comprehensive field of application document based on carefully chosen tests.Designed to give confidence to specifiers enforcement authorities and building owners/occupiers,the Certifire scheme is recognized by regulatory authorities both in the UK and Overseas.